OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter Review

I just love mangoes, they are on the top of my list for my favorite fruits but let me tell you they are not the easiest fruit to prepare. If you have ever tried to get a mango out of its skin and away from its pit then you know what I mean, its a sticky mess. Until now!

Good Grips has come out with a mango splitter that will change your relationship with mangoes.

This little gadget makes thing so much easier. All you need to do is push it through the mango and it separates both sides from the pit.

Then score each half with a knife to make little square cubes in the mango.

Then turn the mango inside out and eat right from the mango or cut them off the skin.

You can pick up a plastic one for around $14.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Or you can splurge and spend a buck more and get the all stainless steel model.

I have the plastic model and have had it for quite a while now. I run mine through the dishwasher and it is holding up just fine. It has the Good Grips handles on it which makes it very easy to hold on to and it is made of a thick hard plastic, that so far has held up just fine.

Be aware the stainless steel blade is very sharp so be careful handling it. This little gadget sure makes enjoying mangoes a lot quicker and less messy. I don’t destroy any more mangoes trying to get the pit out.

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