Grilla Bites Restaurant

Grilla Bites – Snohomish WA

1020 1st Street, Suite 104
Snohomish, Washington 98290
(360) 568-7333 


Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm (Breakfast served until 1pm)

I just love little towns don’t you? They are so quaint and full of fun shops and restaurants.

Well the city of Snohomish is no exception.

I had heard about this restaurant named “Grilla Bites” that serves up their famous Grilla sandwiches and burgers, along with organic soups and salad, while featuring local specials and flavors. They also serve local produce and products as much as possible and the water is always filtered I am told. So I had to give them a try.

Their Mission statement says this:

“Supporting our environment and community while maintaining a healthy responsibility to our customers through the food we serve”

The atmosphere is a mix of trendy and a bit of granola. The seating area seemed a bit crowded with tables and chairs, in my opinion they could have surplussed a table and four chairs which would have relieved the cramped feeling a bit. It was clean and well kept. The employees were pleasant but seemed a bit discombobulated at times.

Grilla Bites is not a vegan or even a vegetarian restaurant but does have plenty of vegan and vegetarian fare on their menu not to mention the huge organic salad bar. They have 19 vegetarian items and 3 Vegan items on the menu but you can veganize almost any item on the menu. They told me that they use Vegenaise in all their sauces that are “Mayo type” based sauces & dressings. You can also ask for vegan soy cheese & vegan bacon as a substitute on any menu item. They also have pesto, BBQ or curry tofu sandwiches.

I ordered their “Portobello Burger” $9.75 which is chopped portobello mushrooms marinated in shiitake vinaigrette and topped with grilled red onions, tomato, spinach and blue cheese spread. I asked them to hold the blue cheese spread and asked for garlic aioli made with Vegenaise. It came with your choice either fresh vegetables and garlic hummus or organic blue corn chips and garlic hummus. For desert I had their vegan and gluten free brownie.

The mushrooms had good flavor, and where packed between what looked like a sprouted bun. The bun was soft and yummy. (technical foodie terms) a slight vinaigrette flavor wispered that the mushrooms had been marinated and the garlic aioli had a punch with a strong garlic flavor.

The hummus was very tasty with also a strong garlic flavor. The combination one two punch of the garlic aioli and garlic hummus left me swimming in the vapors of the garlic gulch I called my mouth into the next morning.

The vegan and gluten free brownie was really moist, may be a bit too moist but the flavor was fudgie (another foodie term) it had a thin layer of chocolate frosting on top and had a bit of an orange flavor to it.

Over all, my experience was good.

The prices I felt were a bit on the high side. (but organic & healthy does cost more)

The food was fresh and flavorful.

Variety was great and flexibility with substitutions was great.

I would eat there again but I would not do the double punch of garlic, like a big “Grilla” I wrestled with it all night.


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