The Vegan Zombie

You might be saying to yourself what in the world is “The Vegan Zombie”?

Well let me tell you. He produces, I think, the most entertaining vegan cooking videos on You Tube. He currently has 10,059 subscribers on You Tube. (He also does some other related videos like vegan restaurant & product reviews)

On the Vegan Zombie About page it says this:

“How did this site come to be? Veganism is second nature to me. It’s been part of my life for over 18 years now. I also have a love for the horror genre and film. After much thought of how I could create something fun and interesting that appeals to me and hopefully others, I came up with ‘The Vegan Zombie’. TVZ is a project in the making that will attempt to put a vegan twist in the horror genre.

We make ‘How to’ videos on vegan cooking, which is set in a post apocalyptic zombie invasion. Our host gives our audience tips and tricks on vegan cooking and staying safe from zombies. But what would happen if he were to become a zombie? Stay tuned…

This is the beginning of a unique group of vegans ready to fend off the flesh eating mainstream…

The zombie apocalypse is coming and we will be ready. Infection will originate from within the meat (flesh) the people (zombies) consume.

Vegans will be one step ahead…”

Once you watch a few, you will be hooked, I know I was and now I follow the continuing saga.

Now mind you that not all the recipes he cooks are the healthiest but they will help anyone trying to transition to a healthier diet. Besides that, he is so entertaining to watch.

Here is the link to his You Tube site:

Here is the link to his web page:

Enjoy, and watch out for those zombies!!!!


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