New Show Alert! “How to Live to 100” on the Cooking Channel

Greetings and a happy, healthy new year from the Vegan Gourmand!!

It’s about time a Vegan cooking show hit the main stream media.

So here is a new years present from the Cooking Channel.

A new plant-based (vegan) cooking show called “How to live to 100” hosted by Jason Wrobel is to premier on the Cooking Channel January 6th 2013.

Quote from the cooking Channel: “Detroit-born chef, Jason Wrobel, dishes up a sublime fusion of food and humor as host of the new Cooking Channel special, How To Live To 100. Known as the “King of Superfoods,” which are powerful ingredients proven to increase your longevity, Jason turns p the heat and whips them up into culinary masterpieces.”

Start watching and start adding years to your life, literally!


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  1. Loving the sound os this, I hope it is aired here in Blighty!

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