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Eating Vegan At Red Robin, Yummm

My family and I don’t eat at Red Robin much but every once in a while we get Jones’in  for a burger & frys. So we head off to our local Red Robin Restaurant. Now you might be thinking as I was, “What am I going to order at Red Robin that is vegan besides one of their salads with 90% of the ingredients left off which would be OK but I am not going to pay $10.50 for one of their salads and just get a plate of lettuce if you know what I mean.

So I have done the homework for you and I am going to share with you some of the items on the menu that you can tweek to end up with a great tasting vegan meal at Red Robin. I am sure that this is not all the things that can be Veganized at the Robin but these are the items that we order.

First off burger number one: (You could do this with any of their burgers with a little creativity.)  I like their Whiskey River Burger. This is how I order it. “Substitute a Boca pattie (yes, it is the vegan one I asked) for the beef pattie, no cheese, no mayo on a whole wheat bun cut in half with a side of BBQ sauce.” I need the BBQ sauce because without the cheese & mayo the burger can be a bit dry but not bad., plus I am a big sauce fan. You can also sub a salad for the frys at no extra charge.

Burger number two: The Banzai Burger I order it like this: “Substitute a Boca pattie for the beef pattie, no cheese, no mayo on a whole wheat bun cut in half with a side of teriyaki sauce.” again I need the side of teriyaki to keep the burger moist in the absents of the cheese and mayo.

Red Robin's Banzai Burger

Those are the two burgers that we order when we go to Red Robin. You could do this same thing with any of their burgers.

Now for the salad I like to get there. Its their “Whiskey River Chicken Salad” This is how I order it. “No Chicken, no cheese, no dressing and extra BBQ sauce. (I use the BBQ sauce for the salad dressing) This salad is very good this way.

Whiskey River Salad

I enjoy Red Robin because they are so accommodating with making any of their food vegan for you if possible. They have gone out of their way to be sure its the way I ordered it.

So the next time you are wanting a burger don’t hesitate to roll into your local Red Robin and have it your way. Oh.. ya…, that’s another burger place isn’t it?

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