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Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health – Green Whole Food Powder Review

Some times it’s hard to get your greens and especially the green and other super foods in your diet. I know because I struggle with this. Well I have found something that works well  for me and I would like to share it with you. Its called Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health. Now I am not a supplement advocate, I believe in getting your nutrition from whole foods as much as possible but I am truly impressed with this product and the company who makes it.


Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health is a whole food green powder that can be added to smoothies, juice or water. (Vegan & gluten free)

I use this product every morning in my smoothie to get that extra green boost in my diet.

This product is made by the company Vibrant Health who in my opinion is a stand up company with their focus on consumer health.

They have a video library on their website that you can go to and watch videos about their products, as well as a message from the president, Ted Parker who goes over some of the companies history, ideals, mission, philosophy, 14 guiding principles and practices. There is also a video by Mark Timon, the companies Certified Clinical Nutritionalist who is also the Founder and Formulator for Vibrant Health who goes over in detail the ingredients found in Green Vibrance.

I just love their creed, from their website: Our Creed  Truth. Trust. Transparency.

You have our respect. You are the person we serve. You deserve to know precisely what is in each dietary supplement you buy. That is why you will find NO misleading proprietary blends in any Vibrant Health product. We’ve used full disclosure labeling since 1976, and always will. It’s your right to know!”

One of the things I have found most impressive is that they continue to build on a great product. As health science changes so does their formula for their product. They put a version number on each bottle of Green Vibrance and as of the date of this post they are at version 12.0.

Here is their practice stated on their website:Our Practice  Formula Obsolescense

The relentless pursuit of knowledge results in new discoveries in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, agriculture and botanical medicine. It makes nutritional science a dynamic field. What we know today, or think we know, can become obsolete tomorrow. Plant science and organic chemistry have also brought us a legion of new biologically active substances that can be put to work supporting optimal health. This ever-changing milieu of science and evolving raw materials feeds the formulation of dietary supplements. We dare not presume that any dietary supplement designed today will remain the best into an endless future. For that reason, every Vibrant Health product is expected to change as new discoveries in science come to light, and as new raw materials become available. Vibrant Health products are dynamic, designed to stay at the forefront of nutritional science. They are dynamic by design.”


Each 12 gram scoop provides 71 (version 10.3) or 73 (version 12.0) certified organic concentrated foods and extracts plus 25 billion probiotics from 12 strains supporting the 4 foundations of health; Nutrition, Digestion, Circulation & Immunity.


They also have a Blog that answers health questions related to their products.

If you have been looking for a green powder that covers the rainbow of nutrients then check out Green Vibrance manufactured & distributed by Vibrant Health located in Canaan, CT USA

It puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “Go Green”

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