Suja “Mighty Greens” Juice Review


The green juice craze has been going on for some time now and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down anytime soon and there is good reason for that.

Juicing, especially green juice can be a healthy part of your diet. The best way to get your green juice is by freshly making your own, at home, as you need it.

But sometimes our busy life gets too busy and time isn’t always on our side. That is why I was happy to find Suja Mighty Greens juice at my local Costco store in the 59 Fl Oz Costco size bottle, it easily fills in when I don’t have time to fire up that juicer. I also use it as my base liquid in my smoothies.

Suja, meaning long, beautiful life and is a juice company that has “a mission to get the best quality organic and Non-GMO juice into as many hands as possible.” That’s not all that makes this a great juice. Suja uses a breakthrough displacement technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to preserve and sterilize the juice.

What about the taste? The mighty Greens Juice has a lemonade cutting the grass while eating a piece of ginger kinda taste, with a hint of celery & cucumber. It’s lightly sweet and has a pleasant taste and not as green a taste as I had expected by the dark green color of the juice.

Suja has many other juices that they produce as well which I have not tried. They have also produced a book “The Suja Juice Solution”. Suja also has a Blog that covers topics like Events, Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Recipes.

So what’s it got in it? The following is from their website for the Mighty Green juice.

Mighty Greens contains apple, celery, cucumber, kale, collard greens, lemon, peppermint tea, spearmint tea, spinach, ginger, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass & alfalfa grass.

  • 12oz
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • No added sweeteners


So, if you’re going to drink juices, we all know it’s best to freshly juice them yourself and drink them as soon as possible but if you can’t for whatever reason that life gets the best of your time. I have found that Mighty Greens nicely fills the gap and also makes a great base liquid for smoothies.


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  1. Hi, I need to know if the apple juice in the suja mighty greens juice are from green apples. Thank you

  2. 5/2015 I picked up a bottle at Costco too. New to Juicing I would agree, add this to more fresh greens in your home juicer would definitely be useful. (bit too much fruit for me) Love the companies eco sensibility, looking forward to more ‘off the shelf’ business practices like this. For that reason alone I would support them. I would buy it again.

  3. Is the mighty green drink mostly apples? What is the percentage of apples compared to the rest of the ingredients?

    • Daley,

      My guess would be that it has a higher percentage of apple juice than any other juice simply because apple juice is the first ingredient in the ingredients list, not sure what percentage that would be though.

      I would contact the company they would be able to tell you the exact percentage.

  4. They’ve been bought by coca-cola 😞 On the hunt for a new brand now.

  5. Just out of curiosity….why is it bad now that it’s owned by Coca Cola? I just bought my first bottle yesterday, and I like it. Used it to make a smoothie.

    • Not sure, but my thought is that this small company is now owned by a huge company. This could effect product quality because the bottom line now is money and not health.

    • Yeah, when small (healthy) companies get bought out by corporations with extremely sketchy pasts/presents, it’s time for me to move on. I’m bummed because I just bought this at Costco today 😦 lol

  6. The Juiceman

    I am impressed with this juice as well. Just to clarify, Suja is NOT owned by Coca-Cola. Suja accepted a minority investment from Coca-Cola in order to benefit from Coke’s distribution network to get Suja into as many stores as possible. Suja remains privately held. See the FAQs on their website.

    • Thanks Juice Man for clearing that up, I was not sure what the transaction was with Coke but now I do. Thanks again!

      • Yes, thank you Juiceman, Do you work with Suja? Just curious how this information came to you. I would much rather believe it was a cooperative agreement between Coke/Suja then a buyout. Thanks for clearing this up.

  7. The Juiceman

    No, I do not work with or for Suja. I live on the east coast and only recently noticed Mighty Greens at Costco. I have just been researching the Company as I purchased Mighty Greens at Costco and was impressed with the quality and taste. I scoured their website trying to get information about the Company and the product, and had read through the information on the transaction with Coca-Cola. Like you, I’d be less inclined to be a customer if this was a Coca-Cola product. So, I thought I would share that info since they seem legit and focused on delivering a high quality product.

  8. Rosalee jennings

    I just purchased this today at Costco. I didn’t read the label at the store and am wondering why it contains no fiber. Do you have to eat the actual greens and fruit to get fiber?

    • Rosalee,
      When you juice a fruit you remove most of its fiber. That is why it’s best if you can, to make smoothies with whole fruit. That way you retain all the fiber found in the fruit. I use this juice as the liquid component in my smoothies instead of water or some other liquid.

  9. From Wall Street Journal:

    “Coke is paying roughly $90 million for a nearly 30% stake in San Diego-based Suja, with an option to buy all of the company after three years, according to people familiar with the matter,” reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

    “The merchant banking arm of Goldman Sachs also agreed to pay about $60 million for a 20% stake (in Suja), valuing the closely held company at about $300 million,” explains the WSJ.

  10. How long is it good once the bottle is opened?

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