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The New Harvest Beat Restaurant Seattle

Late last year I found out that my favorite 100% Gourmet Vegan restaurant, “Sutra” was closing because the building that they where in was going to be bull dozed and apartments where going to be built in its place. The video below was made before Harvest Beat was a reality and the news of Sutra’s soon closing had just come out. The owners of the new Harvest Beat, Aaron and Jan Geibel, are the ones in this video and it shows their dedication to the food, farmers and you the customer. This is exactly what you get at Harvest Beat!

Well,  Aaron and Jan Geibel have now opened a new 100% Gourmet Vegan restaurant, “Harvest Beat” and its literally just a few doors up the street from the old Sutra location.

Harvest Beat has been open now for three months and I was able to dine there this last weekend. Wow, the quality of the food and service was top notch and I think Harvest Beat has kept the quality that Sutra had. Harvest Beat has a few things over the old Sutra through. First, the dinning area is around four times bigger which translates to more comfort, with real tables & chairs, not stools & small tables like Sutra had. Also the larger dinning area allows more customers to be served in one seating, so you will have a better chance of getting reservations.  (You do need to call and make reservations sometimes a week or two in advance).  The kitchen looks like it is at least four times bigger as well, which helps with the speediness of food being prepared and served.


Here is a photo of the menu the night I dined there. The menu changes regularly (about every two weeks) and is driven by what is in season at that time. Everything is picked or harvested that day or week from the local area and state. (Please excuse the poor photo quality)


Here is a photo of the first and second courses – Smoked carrot and ginger bisque with black lemon orange mirin gastrique served with a red stem wood sorrel roasted beet salad finished with candied walnuts black lava salt and a lemon tarragon vinaigrette


Third courseRoasted cauliflower truffle celeriac mousse napoleon on a saffron caper tomato sauce topped with fried sage


Fourth course – Wild foraged stinging nettle gnocchi in a leek garlic grilled abalone mushroom broccolini rague with a urfer beiber sweet potato hemp seed sauce finished with fried nettles and micro radish


Fifth course – Flowerless vanilla peanut butter chocolate cookie on a scoop of vanilla orange blossom coconut ice cream with a berry coulis


So if you are in Seattle and want to enjoy a gourmet, five course, 100% vegan meal then I say beat your feet down to the Harvest Beat for some great food and wonderful customer service, its like eating with family.

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