The Vegan Egg – Review


The vegan egg? Sounds like a contradiction. Well Follow Your Heart has a history of producing contradicting foods and this is a good thing. I just love this company and its products.

This product, the Vegan Egg is so close to the real thing its scary. As a matter of fact it was so much like scrambled eggs that I almost could not bring myself to taste it. (it kinda grossed me out, it being so close to real eggs)

I have scrambled them, making breakfast burritos and I have also baked with it making a pan of fresh corn bread which turned out wonderfully!

It comes packaged in an egg carton then sealed in a plastic bag and packaged with a little facts & tips paper flyer.


Two level table spoons of the powder mixed with 1/2 cup of ice cold water makes 1 egg equivalent. There is enough powder to make a dozen eggs. The thickness of the hydrated mixture is thicker than a real egg, which made me double check the instruction to be sure I had used the correct amounts, and I had.

When I opened the bag I could smell a very distinct smell of eggyness (sulfur) which once the water was added and it started to cook went away.


Below I show the different stages of the scramble, it does take a bit longer to scramble than a real egg. This first image below is about 2 minutes into the cooking.


As it continues to cook it becomes thicker and starts to scramble like a real egg until you have what is seen below a vegan scrambled “egg”.


The taste is not really strong of any flavor, actually it was mild to tasteless. The sulfur-eggy smell I had smelled when I opened the bag was completely gone.  The texture was definitely egg like as well as the mouth feel. I rolled this scramble into a breakfast burrito and it was good. It also really worked well in a pan of corn bread I made, it was outstanding.

All in all I am looking forward to making more things with it, experimenting with it in recipes that normally require eggs. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more Vegan recipes using this product very soon.

I think it is a great addition to any Vegan’s pantry. I know it has won a place in mine.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to try this and wondered how it tasted! What is it made with exactly?

  2. I tried this! It was very good. Just be aware that it contains carrageenan, a known gut disruptor. So if you have tummy troubles, lay off of this. I would use it sparingly.

  3. Great review, I have seen this around and was wondering what it tasted like. I might have to try it next time I make a big cooked breakfast 🙂

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