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Bom Bistro Resturant Review

This new restaurant, the Bom Bistro is not Vegan or even Vegetarian but they are very friendly to both. You can be sure that you can get plenty to eat here, I eat there at least once a week.

It’s Hanoi street food. They are quoted in part as saying on their website  “Our unique house recipes protect the authentic flavors and simplicity of Hanoi street food while elevating them with high quality ingredients.”

“Our mission is to bring a taste of Vietnamese soul food to our guests.”

They are located at 12910 SE Kent-Kangley Rd Kent, WA 98030 Phone: (253) 277-8405   They are open 7 days a week. 11am-9pm

Yelp at the time of this post has it rated at 4 1/2 stars with 52 reviews and they have only been open months.

The restaurant is always very clean and the servers are friendly and prompt to take your order.


The food is fresh and always cooked to order, not sitting around in warming pan or under a light. This makes it easy to ask to have things left out or substitute ingredients. The owner goes to the market in Seattle every three days to get fresh ingredients for all his creations. Oh, and did I mention that it is cheap eats!!


Here is a sample of what I order when I go. (This is what I order for two people, its a lot of food)                                                                   Menu Link


Mango Salad with fried tofu. $7.50 To keep it vegan order with the soy sauce dressing instead of the fish sauce dressing.  This is a must-have favorite of mine. It’s so fresh and refreshing to eat.


Classic Fried Rice with fried tofu ordered with no egg.  $8.00 Not much more to say here but yumm.


Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich $5.00 This is a great Banh Mi! The bread on this sandwich is so fresh and soft. I tried to find out where they buy their bread and all I could get out of them was that it was in Seattle. They are not telling us any of their secrets.


NOTE: Vegetarian Spring Rolls $6.00 are new on the menu and I have only tried them once. (I am not sure at this time if they are 100% Vegan more investigation is needed) but they are very tasty. They are done a bit different that your normal Viet spring rolls. The filling is a filling rather than veggies rolled up inside and the wrapper is lighter.

(They have fresh rolls as well, just ask to leave out the shrimp)

They also have Pho that is made with a vegetarian broth that is vegan. I have not tried it yet because I can’t pull myself away from the offerings shown above. I will someday give it a try.

Its refreshing to see someone take such pride in the food they prepare. And it’s great when they have Vegan and Vegetarian options or, will work with you to make a dish fit your dietary needs.

So if you are ever in Kent Washington and enjoy fresh Vietnamese soul food the Bom Bistro is the place to eat. You could say, it’s the Bomb!!

Sorry, I could not resist!


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