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Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review



I was excited to try Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger because I have had their “Chicken” and enjoyed it very much. (I made Fajitas with it and it was very tasty)

So I purchased a box of burgers from my local Whole Foods store and brought them home for a burger night.


I opened the package to find the burgers vacuum packed and sealed, fresh and ready to grill. They were already sporting the iconic grill marks right out of the package.



I opened the package, brushed them with peanut oil and grilled them on an indoor electric grill until they were hot and ready for a bun.

I fixed it as a classic burger, you know Vegenaise, mustard, catsup, lettuce pickle and tomato.

I am sad to say that there was no fireworks when I ate this burger, actually it tasted like a MorningStar Farm’s Grillers Prime pattie, which I do not like and are not vegan anyway. It was a little dry and tasteless.

So I guess if you enjoy the MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime but want a Vegan version of it then Beyond Meat Beast Burger is the one for you.

I still prefer and immensely enjoy the Field Roast Hand Formed Burgers. In my opinion the Field Roast burgers are the best Vegan burger on the market today. And I think their Chao Cheese is also the best vegan sliced cheese on the market today. See my quick short review of both of the Field Roast products by clicking HERE

Well I will have to say with a little disappointment that I will not be buying anymore Beast Burgers, which for me turned out to be definitely a bust instead of a beast.




AND Cafe – Portland Oregon

AND Cafe Yelp Link:


5420 E Burnside

Portland, Oregon


And Cafe

While visiting family in Portland we visited the AND Cafe. Everything here is vegan unless ordered differently.

Upon entering we where greeted and asked to sign in on a waiting list located on a clip board that was leaning up against the back of a small bar. (seen in the above photograph center far right side)  We where also asked if we would like a cup of coffee while we waited. There were only a few folks ahead of our party of three.

The entire seating area contains 5 tables inside, all of which where full and there where three or so tables outside of which only one was occupied. We wanted to sit indoors so we waited about 10 or 15 minutes before we where able to be seated.

While we where waiting to be seated I had a chance to check out the kitchen. The kitchen area did not contain any professional cooking appliances, as a matter of fact as I remember it had a small counter top oven the size of a large microwave. There was a hot plate and two table top gas burners. As you can see in the above picture the only fan was a residential fan with a small light.

Even with these primitive appliances they are able to put out top notch food in this little kitchen.

More on the food a bit later.

After we where seated the waitress, one of two, took our drink order and then our food order, for we had looked over the menu while we waited and knew exactly what we where going to have.

I ordered a decaf coffee which they made fresh in a french press behind the bar, the coffee was a local roaster but I cannot remember the name, it was real good coffee served in a manly sized coffee cup.

We ordered the MEATLOAF SANDWICH walnut meatloaf – choose lettuce, tomato, pickle & mayo. With a cup of the soup of the day for $2.00 more which was a curried lentil. This meat loaf almost tasted like real meatloaf, if I had not known it was vegan , I would have thought it was real meat, it was awesome!


I ordered the REUBEN “corned-beef” seitan, apple kraut, Russian dressing, vegan mozzarella all on marbled rye bread, also with a cup of the curried lentil soup. By far the BEST vegan Reuben sandwich I have ever eaten!!!! And this is coming from me, someone who had eaten meat for 40+ years of my life, I know what a real Reuben tastes like.


We also ordered the PORTLAND BBQ SANDWICH espresso bbq chk’n, (Beyond Meat Chicken) organic greens, tomato, red onion & mayo. Great flavor and texture of real chicken and the BBQ sauce was outstanding.


And to top it all off, to be sure we got our greens, we ordered to share the small size KALE SALAD with outstanding, in house made ”honey” mustard dressing, kale, apple, carrot, sliced almonds and avocado. I have eaten a few Kale salads and I normally don’t care for them but I would order this one again and again, it was good!


Our over all experience was great and the food was outstanding.

There was only two things that I would say is a minus, one would be the fact that because they did not have a professional kitchen fan the restaurant did get a bit hazy with smoke. It was not so bad that it bothered you but you could still see it in the sunlight clouding the room.  Secondly the place is small, not allot of seating. Those are the only two negatives I can come up with, well except the parking was a bit limited, although we found a parking spot with no problem, but hey we where in Portland so it is expected.

This will be a place that when in Portland I will eat at again. Friendly staff, outstanding food and fair prices add up to a 4 out of 5 star rating from the Vegan Gourmand.

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