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Allie’s Vegan Cafe & Pizzeria – Review


As I travel the country I try to sample the areas Vegan restaurants and sometimes I find the most outstanding Vegan restaurants, and some times not so outstanding Vegan restaurants. But when I find those outstanding ones I like to tell everyone about them and so it is with Allie’s Vegan Cafe and Pizzeria. Opened March 2015

“Allie’s is a family owned, born out of passion to share delicious, healthy food. The entire menu is vegan, locally sourced and organic whenever possible, with many gluten free options.”

All cheeses are made in house.

“Cheeses are made by hand in small batches. This yields a firm cheese that can be grated and melted onto pizzas.”

The plant-based meats are Gardein brand. The Ranch & Caesar dressings are also made in house and soon the ranch will be bottled for sale due to the demand.

Allie’s to my knowledge is the first Vegan Restaurant in Spokane Washington! Congratulations, this town really needed some Vegan options. Spokane is a large hunting hub for the northwest. Allie’s had a lot of bests for me. Best vegan pizza, Best vegan sausage gravy and best chocolate chip cookies.


How did I find Allie’s? Well, the story goes like this: It was dinner time as I drove into the town of Spokane. And, so I did what any self respecting Vegan does when they are hungry and in a unfamiliar city, I Goggled “Vegan restaurant in Spokane Wa”. I was not really expecting much to come up because I had been there before and had not found any Vegan restaurants. But to my stomach’s wonderful surprise I saw a listing for Vegan pizza. It was not only a listing but a listing with 5 stars from 19 reviews, you hardly ever see that! This led me to quickly go to Allie’s Pizza on Yelp and look them up, finding a average of 4.5 stars from it’s 31 reviews.

The Pizza / Food

So of course I quickly called in an order for a half Italian “sausage” and half BBQ “chicken” pizza. 15 minutes later I was sitting down eating one of, if not the best Vegan pizza I have ever eaten. And I have eaten a few Vegan pizzas in my life. It struck me soon after I had devoured the pizza that I should have snapped a quick picture of the pizza, but it was too late. (Check out the food photos on Yelp)

The crust on this pizza was wonderfully, thin but not too thin, golden and delicious, a quality product.

“Dough is made daily and allowed to cold ferment for two days for best flavor and texture. Hand tossed then baked in a brick oven”

The sausage was so close to the real thing that if I did not know it was Vegan I would swear it was the real thing. The BBQ “Chicken” pizza had a smokey sweet BBQ sauce on it and the Gardein chicken was warm & tender. And for all of you who want a gluten free pizza they have that also. I will have to get back soon to try all their other Pizzas they offer like the Mac & Cheese pizza and Thai pizza along with a few others.

They also offer salads & bread sticks. Beverages include, fresh organic juices, lemonade & iced tea as well as espresso using almond, soy, hemp, coconut and rice milks. They also offers local craft beer on tap as well as wine. Oh! And don’t forget the desserts! Homemade cheesecakes & fresh baked cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are to die for! I must say that they are the best tasting vegan chocolate chip cookie I have ever eat’in.


Sunday Brunch


On Sundays between 10 AM & 3 PM they only offer a brunch menu. I went back two days later on my way back home and ate brunch there.


We had the fried “chicken” with sausage gravy accompanied by rosemary potatoes.


Pumpkin Pancakes topped with a fruit compote and whipped “cream” accompanied by tofu scramble. (not shown)

The food again was very good. The sausage gravy was so naughty good! Yes.. I said naughty.

The Cafe

The cafe is located at 4803 N Nevada Street in Spokane Wa. 509-321-7090


                                                                                        Atania Gilmore

Atania Gilmore is the owner of Allie’s. As Atania and I talked she explained her passion for healthy vegan food and her hopefulness of helping people become more educated and healthy eating and living a vegan lifestyle. She also talked about the benefit to the earth and animals.


She even has a small book store on one wall of the restaurant where she sells vegan cookbooks and books on health.


The main seating area is bright and inviting with wooden floors and local art that is for sale displayed on the walls.



So if you are ever in Spokane Washington and need to fill your stomach with some great vegan food, stop in and say hello to Atania and family. They will take good care of you and your taste buds will thank you.


Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Visit Date: 1/15/12

5500 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 343-1415

If you’re a vegan then this is pizza & Italian food heaven. Everything on the menu is vegan.

This is just a little hole in the wall, really. It does not look like much of a restaurant from the street, frankly a bit scary but don’t let that fool you at all when it comes to the food. The place was clean and the staff was pleasant I tried their pesto pizza which was outstanding. I also ordered their pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni pizza was ok, I did not care for the fake pepperoni though, had a funny flavor. But my wife liked it. (I am not fan of any fake meat substitute in anything I eat so I am a little bias) They also offer some great looking desert items that I saw being served while I was waiting for my pizza pies.

The “Cheese” they use on their pizzas and I am sure other items is the brand name Teese.

I was there on a Sunday and the place was swarming with people. They seem to do a lot of takeout business. There are only a few tables in the restaurant, seating for about 15 or so total in the restaurant.

In my opinion, the two things that make a pizza good are the crust and the sauce. If you get those two right then you have the foundation for a great pizza. Pizza Pi has not only gotten these two right but in my opinion have nailed it and it comes thru in their pizza.

I will have to say that their crust was one of the very best I have ever eaten. They also make their own pesto in house but I am not sure about their red sauce, I would suspect it was made in house as well

The vegan cheeses they use are good and as it has been my experience with vegan cheeses they seem to be a bit more creamer than regular cheeses but still yummy.

They have quite a large menu that includes sandwiches, salads, calzones, desserts and linguine alfredo was advertises on a white board when I was there. All in all the pizzas I ate were very good and I will go there again even though it is a 45 min. drive for me.

Buon appetito!


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